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MWCT rescues lost young elephant

That’s right, we have some exciting news to report!  Yesterday, a Kuku Group Ranch community member informed the MWCT office that a young elephant was wandering around lost, separated from his mother and the rest of the heard.  Under the leadership of MWCT Game Scout Coordinator Muterian Ntanin and Radio Operator Joshua Nkapai, more than 10 community volunteers quickly responded and transported the 2-year-old elephant by truck to a nearby airstrip, where they were met by a plane and wildlife professionals sent by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  The elephant will be cared for in Nairobi until it can be returned to the wild.  Check out some photos below of this incredible rescue operation!

Volunteers work to secure the elephant’s legs for transport.


MWCT Simba Scout Leiyan ole Rimpa checks on the elephant and covers its eyes to make it less afraid.

A Sheldrick Wildlife Trust employee gives the elephant milk at the airstrip.

Joshua (in red) and Muterian (to Joshua’s right) help load the elephant into the airplane.