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Only two days away from NY Marathon

Get updates, and a chance to win cool prizes, by following Edward Norton on Twitter.  We’ve raised more than half a million U.S. dollars so far, but it’s not too late to donate.  Click here to sponsor one of our runners.  PUMA is also offering a Maasai Marathon commemorative t-shirt in two cool designs, and half the proceeds go to MWCT.  Also check out these Garmin maps of Edward’s training.  Best of luck to all the runners!

Huffington Post article about Maasai Marathon

Check out this Huffington Post article about Maasai Marathon!

Three Maasai prepare to run NY Marathon

 This Tuesday, three Maasai from Kuku Group Ranch left Kenya for the United States.  Why?  After months of training, Parashi Ntanin, Martin Sunte, and Samson Parashina are only about a week away from running in the New York City Marathon!  These three Maasai runners are part of a large team, which also includes actor Edward Norton and Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust founder and Executive Director Luca Belpietro, that will run 26.2 miles to raise money for MWCT. 

So far, the runners have raised more than US$360,000.  Can you help us raise more?  Please sponsor one of our runners!  To learn more, visit the Maasai Marathon website or follow Edward Norton’s training on Twitter.  We will post more updates as the marathon continues to approach.