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Emerald Data Solutions Launches “Computers for Students Kenya” Program with Donation to MWCT

Emerald Data Solutions, developer of the BoardDocs paperless governance solution, recently announced the launch of its Computers for Students Kenya program with a generous donation of student laptops and educational software to the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust.  Computers for Students Kenya, founded by Emerald Data Solutions President Ari Ioannides, was created to improve student education in Kenya.


“The goal of our partnership with Emerald Data Solutions is to provide Maasai students with advanced knowledge, precisely to enable them to protect their wilderness, wildlife and cultural heritages,” said Luca Belpietro, MWCT Executive Director.

Emerald Data Solutions will donate 20 computers to MWCT this month, and the computers will be used by students at Kanzi Academy and Kanzi-Iltilal Primary School.  This donation will allow many students on Kuku Group Ranch to use a computer for the first time.

Plans are already underway to incorporate computers into the school curriculum as soon as possible, beginning with a computer-based course on gender and sexuality issues developed by AMREF.  MWCT is very excited about this donation, and we hope to incorporate additional educational technology into Kuku Group Ranch classrooms soon.